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There are probably plenty of times where you forgot something that you were supposed to do. You didn\'t remember until the last minute and by then, it may have been too late. If you have answered in the affirmative to the above questions, then you may have a problem with your memory. You have been forgetting more than you should have.

What is going on?

It\'s bad enough if it\'s small issues; but if it\'s larger ones, then you are in trouble. Another thing that can doom you is not remembering names of other people. This is especially embarrassing if you are introducing two people to each other. Your forgetfulness and absentmindedness may not have been noticeable until someone told you about it; or you realized that you were constantly leaving things undone that you were supposed to do earlier.

First, you need to find out why you have been so forgetful and absentminded. Do you have too many things on your plate? Are you under a lot of stress? Have you been bogged down with a lot of work and not been able to take a break? These things can cause you to go in overload and distract you from your focus and concentration on the more important things.

Donít fearóthere are various techniques and tricks...

Your brain is used to storing memory. So, if you continue to forget things, what good is it for? You need to have information at the drop of a hat. Delaying the process can bring unpleasant consequences, as explained in previous paragraphs. It\'s not good to have these lapses when you\'re in your 20s. You should know that something is wrong. However, in your 30s and 40s, that is definitely not a good time to have chronic memory lapses.

You can regain and improve your memory. Some of them make take longer to implement, but once you get the hang of them, you will be able to remember things from many years past.

In the Improve your Memory report, you will discover...

* The difference between short and long term memory
* Why and how eating a healthy diet can help to improve your memory
* Why you should not rely on herbal supplements to regain and improve your memory
* How omega-3 fatty acids work with your brain
* How folic acid in certain foods can help to improve your memory
* Seven kinds of foods that contain folic acid
* Why you should avoid foods that contain saturated fats
* How olive oil can help older adults
* Which vitamins can help you retain your memory
* How magnesium affects your brain

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