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\\\Do You Want to Know the Secret to Making a Small Change to Your Site with Color Which Will Increase Your Sales - Possibly by Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars?\\\

You know that words sell...but remember those times when you went to a site with twenty colors on it and you didn\\\t even stick around to read the content?

I bet you are wondering what color has to do with sales?

We all know that words do sell, just look at one of the best Copy Writers in the business, Gary Halbert, had done with his work. No graphics required! :-)

Think about it though: would his words have been as effective if they had been on a hot pink background instead of the parchment? Surely not. Because the hot pink color makes it difficult to see anything but the color. People ignore the words and click away.

Honestly, unless you really know how to attract people with color, your site may actually drive people off, and this is costing you sales right now!

Do you want to make more sales (and therefore more money) with almost zero extra effort?\\\

Here\\\s a great secret:
Choosing the right color will instantly keep your customers
on your page and for longer periods of time…
a guarantee you’ll make more money!

The Special Report “Color Attracts: Increase Your Sales by Choosing the Right Color” shows you a simple 3-Step Method of increasing your sales with color. It is quick, easy and anyone can do it!

Are you keeping them or scaring them away?

We know from many studies that the longer you can keep the interest of your customer the better chance you have in making the sale. One study found that customers are influenced by color alone up to 90% of the time.

Here\\\s another proven fact … Color evokes strong emotions and 95% of people buy using their emotions.

So, the secret is out:
Website color schemes are an important part of making sales.

Are your website color schemes ... quite right?

You know that your website design works ... but somehow it just doesn\\\t look quite right. It may be that the color scheme of your site is a bit \\\off\\\.

If you think so, so will your visitors. They may not know why, but it won\\\t look right to them. I’ve been doing design work for over 20 years both online & off. What I’ve noticed is if your visitor doesn’t like the color scheme, their reaction is usually immediate, they just click away.

What color scheme should you use?

There is a big difference between personal and marketing websites. With a personal site, you basically do whatever you like, it is a matter of taste, yours.

But, when it has to do with marketing, especially niche marketing, it is another world.

Generally color association is common sense: blues are usually associated with serenity & trust; red with impulse buying (big red headlines – sound familiar?). What is important to note is that color causes emotional reactions, and in order to create these effects on your visitors, you need to find the right color for your niche.

Do you know the answers to the following questions...

* What is an effective color in selling children\\\s toys? (page 21)
* If you\\\re selling food related products, which color is best for that market? (page 15)
* What is the best color to use when selling medicine products? (page 12)
* Which colors do men prefer? And women? (page 19)
* What color is most popularly used by banks and financial institutions? (page 11)

It is so important to understand your niche. Selling the hottest snowboards? – find exciting and compelling (oops, make that COOL) colors and the attraction and emotions will follow. Is your niche a bit more conservative – say financing & loans? The snowboard colors probably wouldn’t work as well – unless you are the online trading firm with the purple/lime green logo (etrade), who would have guessed that one. :-)

Could you use some help with choosing colors?

Figuring out what color is good for your niche could take you some time to learn. Let me save you time, money & testing. I know that you can increase your sales using the right colors on your site.

Stop Silently Losing Thousands of Dollars by...

* Triggering your visitors emotions positively
* Increasing your visitors stay-time
* Using the colors prefered by your niche
* Directing your visitors to the main points
* Changing color to influence your visitors

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